How To Start Investing In Real Estate And Turning “Weird” Properties Into Cash-Flowing Monsters

Recently, I have had the honor to be interviewed on Bigger Pockets; One of the top podcasts and the top Real Estate podcast on iTunes with over 350,000+ members, over 1.2 million monthly unique visitors and over 1.4 million forum posts. In the podcast, I shared few tips on how to get started in real estate investments with no money and how to grow. I also shared some clever ways to turn properties that no one else wants into cash-flowing monsters.

In The Episode, Bigger Pockets Cover:

  • Thoughts on this year’s epic battle: the Mets vs. the Royals
  • Who Johnny is and how he started investing during college
  • How he got his real estate license early to get the commissions
  • How he managed 7 properties from a young age
  • The importance of understanding and helping your market
  • Thoughts on how to fund a property
  • Insight into the question: To have a real estate license or not?
  • How to start out in real estate with no money
  • Why the first property he bought was a duplex
  • How to use the same money to keep your business growing
  • A look at Johnny’s current portfolio
  • Big mistakes people make in hiring employees
  • The level of finish you should aim for when flipping properties
  • How to tenant-proof your properties
  • What is he currently looking at right now
  • The importance of thinking outside of box when investing
  • Johnny’s thoughts on flips vs. rental properties
  • How to manage vacancies
  • Tips for new investors
  • And SO much more!

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