The 3 Things You Need To Get Started In Real Estate Investing

Based on several requests received, I am adding a section on my website on real estate investing and design. Here is a video I shot recently where I share the 3 things you need to get started in real estate investing. I plan to add more videos and photos to help those interested to learn more on investing. I would love to hear your feedback to help me share what matters to you. Here is the list of the 3 things:

1- Knowledge.

Get knowledge about the areas you want to invest in. Find out which neighborhoods are good to invest in and which aren’t. Find out whether it’s better to flip and sell or to rehab and keep as rentals. Get knowledge on the market, neighborhoods, and type of investments available.

2- Get Financing.

A lot of people skip this step until it’s too late. Make a plan on how to get the money you need to purchase and rehab the properties. I shared some options in the video on that.

3- Find The Right People.

You need to find the right real estate agent, repairmen, and other people to work with. This is crucial because all it takes is a dishonest or a sloppy contractor, or an inexperienced realtor and you find yourself in trouble.

Do you have feedback? Questions? More focused videos on a specific topic? Comment below!

Johnny Youssef