5 Reasons Why You Should List Your Guest Room on AirBnb

AirBnb is one of the fastest growing companies in the world. There are many reasons why you should consider listing your house, or at least your guest room, on AirBnb:

1- You will make more money than you think!

Even at only $50/night for a bedroom in your house, assuming you will average an occupancy of 15 days/month, that's $750/month in your pocket. If you have a separate unit for an apartment in a finished basement or an in-laws part of the house, you may be able to make a lot more profit. Many AirBnb hosts say that AirBnb helps them pay a large portion, if not the entire amount, of their mortgage payments.


2- You will make new friends from all over.

 Most of AirBnb guests, especially the ones that are booking just a room, are looking to meet new people and have new experiences. People assume that the guests are just trying to save on hotels; while that can be true given that AirBnb may be slightly cheaper than a hotel, many guests are typically choosing AirBnb over a cheaper hotel/motel for the sake of wanting a new experience and to create new friendships. There is a universal need in this social media era for people to connect with each other. This is a great way to create new friendships from all over the U.S, and possibly the world, while getting paid for it!


3- It will hold you accountable to keep your place clean.

Knowing that you will be having visitors, and sometimes, last-minute bookings (if you allow that option), you will naturally be more conscious of keeping your home clean and ready for hosting.  


4- It will get your feet wet in real estate investing.

Many are wanting to get into the cash flow game without having to make any drastic and big decisions like buying rental properties. This is a great way to get into making profit in real estate without making the big commitments or taking huge risks.  But you never know, you may love it so much that you may find yourself starting to invest in properties and starting to create wealth through passive income.


5- It will keep you engaged in interior design and aware of how to keep your place hip.

Being on AirBnb will help you asses your property compared to other competition and it will help you be aware of what guests are looking for, what looks good, and how to make your place more beautiful than the neighbor next door.

Of course, dependent on your schedule, lifestyle, and household dynamics, you will need to adjust accordingly. The great thing about AirBnb is that you can choose to host people only specific days a week or times a year. So, you can have it available only on weekends when you are around or during the time you leave town. You can also create rules including times guest can come in and out so that it doesn't affect your routine. Finally, AirBnb provides tools to review guests' previous experiences and ratings from previous hosts so that you can rest assured that you will be having great guests.