4 Interior Design Trends That are Making Big Comebacks

There is a new wave of interior designs ideas and trends that are very different to what we have gotten used to fro the last several years. Neutral, grays, and minimalism aren't necessarily what's in. Bolder and riskier moves are taking over and here are 4 interior design trends that are making a comeback:


1. Patterned Cement Tiles are Back


For the last several years, neutral and solid tiles were the way to go. Recently, Spanish-Style tiles that comes with patterns, and in many cases, lots of colors are making a big return.

2. The Once Hated Wallpaper is Being Loved Once Again


Almost everyone mocked wallpaper at some point with "What were my parents/grandparents thinking?!". But let's face it, wallpaper remind us of long lost sweet memories of being at our grandparents homes. They are nostalgic and with more and more millenials buying homes, they are making a bold statement with wallpaper that bring sweet nostalgia with a hint of timelessness and class.

3- Don't Like Wallpaper? White Plain Walls are Totally Hot Right Now


If you lean more towards simple and clean design white is totally in. Rather than having colors on the wall, white brings in a clean slate for your artwork and personal belongings that help the room pop while maintaining a fresh and open feel. 

4- Brass Gold is the New Nickel


For years and years, the safest and (almost) only desired finishes for fixtures, hardware, and faucets were brass or chrome. Gold wasn't desired. Well, things are changing and gold brass is taking over kitchens, bathrooms, and fixtures through out a home.

What are your most and least favorite things currently happening in the interior design world?